Tri-Vision International Ltd./Ltée is a well established company founded in 1986. The Company is committed to becoming a leading international supplier of v-chip technology, multi-media and cable television technologies. Tri-Vision has been publicly listed since 1993, first on the Alberta Stock Exchange and currently on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) trading under the symbol TVL.

Tri-Vision licenses patented V-chip globally. Tri-Vision also markets Data Video Distribution System, Secure Pay TV, Addressable Pay TV (pay per view), Hotel Pay TV and Cable TV equipment worldwide. Tri-Vision state-of-the-art systems can be customized to meet specific needs. Countries in which Tri-Vision has installed systems include Argentina, Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Romania, Trinidad, United States and Uruguay.

Tri-Vision International has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Tri-Vision Electronics Inc. and Think Broadband Solutions Inc. both of which are the product and service operating divisions within the public Company. Tri-Vision Electronics Inc. – Owns the sole rights to U.S. V-chip Patent No. 5,828,402 and Canadian V-chip Patent No. 2,179,474 and licenses V-chip globally. This subsidiary also markets Data Video Distribution Systems, Secure Pay TV, Addressable Pay TV (pay per view), Hotel Pay TV and Cable TV equipment worldwide. 

Think Broadband Solutions Inc. – Authorized Canadian Distributor to Canada’s broadband industry for Scientific Atlanta, PCT North America, Andrew Corp. and Samsung specializes in in-country equipment sales and supply, logistical support, niche product design and development, in-house and offshore manufacturing capabilities.


Tri-Vision is a leader in innovative technologies and systems design, development and manufacture of unique and superior hardware and software products for the Cable Television and Multimedia industries. The Company was founded and incorporated in 1986 by its Chairman and CEO Najmul H. Siddiqui who was previously engaged in high technology research in the defence industry.
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V-Chip Technology

Tri-Vision owns the world-wide rights to the revolutionary V.gis™ V-Chip Technology, the invention of Professor Timothy Collings of the Technical University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Collings invented the v-chip while he was at Simon Fraser University. Tri-Vision is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tri-Vision International Ltd which is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange as symbol TVL.TO.


Technology leader

V.gis™ (V-Chip): As a technology leader, Tri-Vision provides solutions for controlling the content of TV viewing with a state-of-the-art set top box decoder device. We also provide V-Chip licensed technology to television manufacturers for all TVs that are required by law to have V-Chip included. This technology has already been licensed to TV manufacturers worldwide. Four countries including the USA, Canada, Brazil and Jamaica have passed legislation regarding V-Chip Parental Monitoring.


Infra-red and Radio-Frequency Hand-Held Remote Controls: 
Tri-Vision is the leading developer and supplier of state-of-the-art hand-held remote controls. Our quality products and their reliability, durability, price and post-sales services are key factors which directly contribute to our continuing success. Tri-Vision offers unlimited possibilities in this cutting edge technology by providing total solutions in handheld, wireless remote control using line-of-sight Infra Red (uninterrupted path) or Radio Frequency transmission to reach hidden areas. 

Tri-Vision’s innovative technology-designed Set Top Boxes are sold worldwide and meet standards for NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Tri-Vision’s latest products include a 125-channel 860MHz Converter which is available in both volume and non-volume versions. The expansion opportunities in set top products are unlimited.Already Installed in several countries the Addressable Pay TV System is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Hungarian and Polish.

With the worldwide need for secure Pay TV and Addressable Technology, Tri-Vision offers secure, low cost solutions as a bridge for large cable systems going digital while also supplying a sound long-term investment for smaller cable systems. Tri-Vision’s Addressable System technology, design, hardware and software is available in custom-designed packages for NTSC, PAL B/G, PAL N, PAL D/K and SECAM. 

Tri-Vision prides itself on its expert Research & Development Team and its association with high technology manufacturers all over the world. Tri-Vision’s dedicated engineers and cable specialistsprovide full expertise in the design and implementation of wired and wireless cable TV technology as well as providing secure addressable solutions and viewing content control. Tri-Vision’s advancement in V-chip technology and global market expansion strengthen our position as an International Leader in Multimedia and Cable TV Industries.


Wi-LAN Signs V-chip License Agreements

Wi-LAN Inc. (TSX: WIN) (“Wi-LAN”), a leading technology licensing company, today announced agreements for Wi-LAN’s Canadian Patent No. 2,179,474 and US Patent No. 5,828,402 with DiBoss Co., Ltd. of South Korea. Wi-LAN also announced a US Patent agreement with Michley Electronics Inc., USA. The running royalty licenses are valid for the life of the patents through 2016.

The Michley and DiBoss licenses move the total number of licenses signed to Wi-LAN V-chip patents to 101. DiBoss, one of the worlds leading suppliers of commercial displays, has moved into the LCD television market in Asia Europe, and most recently North America. Michley Electronics Inc. – a division of Michley Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. of China – is a specialized hi-tech enterprise engaged in the development, design, sales and service of portable video systems and set top boxes.

“Our licensing strategy continues to show success both in the digital television market and with manufacturers developing converters that will help the US digital transition. These manufacturers will provide coupon eligible, certified converter boxes to ensure that millions of Americans with older TVs do not lose television capability when US television signals switch from analog to digital technology in 2009,” explained Wi-LAN V-chip President Najmul Siddiqui.

Some of the companies that have already been licensed to Wi-LAN’s Canadian and/or U.S. V-chip Patents include: Falcon Digital, Funai, Hitachi, Humax, Jabil Circuit, JVC, Konka, LG Electronics, Nakamichi, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Syntax-Brillian, Toshiba and ViewSonic.

“We are very pleased by recent progress made by our V-chip licensing team and look forward to announcing further agreements with other companies in the coming months,” said Wi-LAN President & CEO Jim Skippen.

About Wi-LAN
Wi-LAN, founded in 1992, licenses intellectual property applicable to a full range of products providing access in the communications and consumer electronics markets. Some of the fundamental technologies covered by Wi-LAN’s patents include: CDMA, DOCSIS, DSL, V-chip, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Wi-LAN has already licensed its intellectual property to a number of the world’s largest companies.


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